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Club 8718Goals Met6
Lexington Leaders Club
Club Alignment
BaseTo DateRequired
Goals to Achieve
12 CC awards 0
Two Competent Communicator (CC) awards
22 More CC awards 0
Two more CC awards
31 AC award 1
One Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS), or Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) award
41 More AC award 0
One more ACB, ACS, or ACG award
51 CL/ALB/ALS/DTM award 1
One Competent Leader (CL), Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB), Advanced Leader Silver (ALS), or Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award
61 More CL/ALB/ALS/DTM award 0
One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM award
74 New members 4
Four new members
84 More new members 16
Four more new members
94 Officers trained Jun-Aug5
4 Officers trained Dec-Feb 1
A minimum of four club officers trained during each of the two training periods
10Dues renewal on-timeY
Officer list on-time Y
On-time payment of membership-renewal duesaccompanied by the names of renewing membersfor one period and on-time submission of one club officer list
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